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Hello, we are Raxfox Design, a furniture making company from the wonderland site of Germany.

For more than a decade we have dealt professionally with the topic of furniture design. This passion led to the founding of Raxfox in 2011. Since then, we offer our customers handmade furniture with a very individual touch. Furniture with swing! That means round shapes, quite natural and yet different. Since that time, our company has grown well and from initially a handful of furniture, various collections have evolved. Furniture that has already sold all over the world. From small closet to the complete store exhibition you get everything you want with us. Here you can choose from our different product lines or let you realize in close consultation with us your product ideas.


One of our collection, our second largest, is the Dark Wonderland series. For all lovers of the eccentric and eerily beautiful, we have designed a very special collection, which is also constantly expanding. Especially with the international audience, these dark furniture have conquered a heart. That's why we designed a webshop exclusively for you and the Dark Wonderland series dedicated to the dark side of living.

Now it's getting dark!

The Gothic side of our furniture captivates not only by eerily beautiful colors but also a very own and unique design. In the style of Tim Burton, here follows a nasty model to the next. Those who prefer darker colors and a surreal touch to their dream home are in the right place with our Dark Wonderland furniture.


All our furniture is handmade in our workshop in Leipzig. From design to production to shipping, everything happens on-site. Maybe you even saw us at the biggest gothic meeting in the world, the WGT, here in Leipzig?


In order to produce high-quality products, it requires really good starting materials. We therefore rely on robust, 15 mm thick birch plywood or use solid wood for our furniture. In doing so, we make sure that the raw materials are produced in an ecologically sustainable manner and that interference with nature is as small as possible in order to harvest the wood. We also use non-toxic materials for paints and varnishes. To a large extent, we work exclusively with water-based paints. You can even choose these for your favorite piece. Bookshelf, dresser or table, but also wall shelves in bat form, lively mirrors, oblique lamps and even faux fireplaces, you can find all that in our shop.


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Video (in German)

Take a peek into our working process

Everything starts with a design concept sketch from our own ideas or of your personal custom order

Even if our design is all about curves, a big straight cutting mechanic saw is strongly needed

As the word handcrafted says, a lot of steps are made by hand, like measuring and drilling.

Putting all the parts together, so that they really fit, is one of the most important steps. Even if in the end, everything looks whimsical-

Coloring and sanding and coloring and sanding and col....is one of the last steps. Different colors make different surfaces. Some are smooth as glass while other make an uneven pattern

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