Gothic Side Table - Beelzebub

Gothic Side Table - Beelzebub

SKU: DW012

Gothic sidetable, handmade in an awesome Tim Burton design. The perfect starter allrounder. Customize size and color. Can be shipped worldwide


  • perfect allrounder table

  • for Dark Wonderland Beginners

  • cute whimsical optic

  • misses his father



So you have that empty space in your goth room and want to fill it with something cool dark looking furniture, but it shouldnt be that tall? Or you want to dimiss that ugly small sideboard table in the corridor and put a freaky eyecatcher in its place? Or just need a bedside table for next to your coffin bed? Our Beelzebub sidetable is a practical choice with a awesome Tim Burton design optic, to fill every corner no matter what room it is. The dark but crazy design is made with sturdy birch plywood, so you could even use it as seat. Other than that you can place your favorite flowers on it, the music player or a large chandelier. The shelf at the bottom gives you a second space to store things like your vinyl collection with the Best Screams Vol.III as top title. And if you have a lot of small stuff, just throw it in the drawer to let it vanish forever and ever and ever ( no eternity guaranteed!) Use it in your neogoth corridor beside the dark wardorbe and the metallic baroque wallpaper or in the living room on the checkerboard floor and the whimsical wand peneling to create an amazing Dark Wonderland look and feel like Alice in her crazy nightmares.

Beelzebub is not only an small space fitting extravagant piece of gothic furniture, but also the beginners model in our furniture series.



Beelzebub was a little present from a horned visitor whose face was quite familar.

It didnt took much time to design the small devilish servant, the outlines are classic double curved, but mirrored upside down on the other side, which in addition gave him an even more whimsical look. The curly pattern on the drawer did the best to complete his Tim Burton look.



Beelzebub has an asymmetrically mirrored contour design, which gives him a simple yet very effective cranked impression. This is also helped by the differently sized leg sections on the sides. Thus, from a simple form, a highly impressive candidate, which as an entry model in no way succumbs to his great brothers and sisters.

Its small drawer (about 30T x 30L x 9H) can easily accommodate one or the other secret, and its shelving offers storage for objects of all sizes, be it candles, wine bottles or records.

The table is about 70cm ( 27,55") high x 55cm (21,65") wide x 40 (16") deep.



Our furniture is made of high solid 15mm / 0,6" multiplex - birch plywood. No easy breaking pressboard! Its much healthier, more natural and offers a beautiful woodgrain.

We paint our pieces with water based colors and coats, giving them an intense and colorfull brightness. These are non-toxic for children and easy to repair.



For individual wishes we can also use different wood types (like beech, oak, ash etc.) or coatings like wax, oil, stain or a 2 component hard coat. A different color is for free. Please contact us for your wish or more info.


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