Gothic Bookshelf - Mr.Skull

Gothic Bookshelf - Mr.Skull

SKU: DW002

Large handmade gothic furniture bookshelf from our Dark Wonderland collection. Customize your own gothic room with this cool Tim Burton style piece. Can be shipped worldwide



  • fully mounted large bookshelf

  • 5 shelf space design

  • big skull pattern

  • avaiable as worldwide version




Have you ever wanted to live like Jack Skellington in Halloween town? Did you ever wish to have a spooky whimsical gothic room as in Jacks Mansion? With furniture looking as it was "living"?

Mr. Skull came to us as a customer request and together with Little Nightmare, was the starting shot of our Dark Wonderland series. It is still the most popular of our models.

With this large handmade bookshelf Mr.Skull, you will not only have an impressive eyecatcher in your room, but also very much space to put your favorite magic fantasy books, spider DVD collection and deadly nightshadow sweets in it. Or put the big flesh eating plant on the top of this fantasy cabinet and the scary jack o lantern below. Dont worry, because our gothic furniture is made of 15mm / 0,6" sturdy birch plywood it can hold some heavy dutys. And if you like to have to look the black more friendly, or want a decent darkish color or even a bright color, we can paint it for you in any color you want. This cool bookshelf will make an awesome addition to your own personal Dark Wonderland domicile and lets you live the dream of adventuring the quirky realms of a Tim Burton world.




After the Little Nightmare success, a laboratory was set up in the nearby dark wood forest, specially for the production of further gothic furniture. For the successful breeding of Mr. Skull, it took a lot of melancholy and a lot of spooky tales.The result was a big bookshelf with a large elegant-grotesque stature.



As a piece of furniture with its size of 180cm (70,8") height and 80cm (31,5") width, it is an absolute view in every room, hall or cellar. He also has an unconventionally curved outer shape and a true crown of knurls and his trademark: the Skull! The visual highlight is also the color-striped interior in its very own look. There is space for all sorts of things to put down and adjust. 4 large compartments with a depth of approx. 35cm not only store your favorite items.


It is made of birchwood and measures about 180cm (70.8 ") high x 38cm (15") deep and 80cm (31.5 ") wide



Our furniture is made of high solid 15mm / 0,6" multiplex - birch plywood. No easy breaking pressboard! Its much healthier, more natural and offers a beautiful woodgrain.

We paint our pieces with water based colors and coats, giving them an intense and colorfull brightness. These are non-toxic for children and easy to repair.

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