Gothic Table - MyLord

Gothic Table - MyLord

SKU: DW003

Whimsical handmade gothic table in the style of Nightmare before Christmas. Decorate your own Wonderland with this awesome piece. Can be shipped worldwide



  • fully mounted table

  • round table design

  • extra door and curly pattern

  • (served for 600 years)




Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Well, you dont have to call 3 times until this loyal servant will serve your favorite sweets or wine. And neither will it haunt you for the rest of your life. Instead you will get an unconventional gothic design table with a big top plate, to put everything on it you want to show or eat. The first table in the Dark Wonderland Collection presents itself as a perfect candle for the center of every room. Its large table top with the distinctive squiggle conveys both a sketchy and a sweet look and behind the little secret door you can store remote controls, chocolate or trading cards. Put this dark table in the room with striped victorian wallpapers and chandeliers to get an supreme elegant darkside look. And dont worry, with its curly feets it stands save on the ground and will carry up to 3 bags of goblins.



Next, there was no shelf but a table on our plan. Our third candidate from the in-house creep cabinet, was bred with more manners and courteous behavior. He is the dumb servant of the round and carries out every task that is served with dignity.



Its sleek elegant line is deliberately chosen to give the whole appearance a little contrast. So his balanced arms easily hold the 80cm table top on his thin shoulders and allow even more space for a compartment below, to hide your own favorite chocolate.


Please note: For orders outside the EU the tabletop comes as a fold-out model because of the maximum dimensions of the packages. However if you do want a rectangular plate, we can make one in the max. Dimensions of 115cm x 55cm / 47" x 22"


Its made of hard birch plywood and around 80cm (31,5") high and 20cm (7,8") deep. The diameter of the tabletop is 80cm (31,5")



Our furniture is made of high solid 15mm / 0,6" multiplex - birch plywood. No easy breaking pressboard! Its much healthier, more natural and offers a beautiful woodgrain.

We paint our pieces with water based colors and coats, giving them an intense and colorfull brightness. These are non-toxic for children and easy to repair.



For individual wishes we can also use different wood types (like beech, oak, ash etc.) or coatings like wax, oil, stain or a 2 component hard coat. A different color is for free. Please contact us for your wish or more info.

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