Gothic Bookshelf - Bittersweet

Gothic Bookshelf - Bittersweet

SKU: DW004

Gothic furniture bookshelf made for every dark Queen of Hearts. Customize your own size and color for this handmade piece. Can be shipped worldwide


  • fully mounted bookshelf

  • 3 large spaces inside

  • heart shaped design

  • (somewhat romantic)




From the dark halls of the Queen of Hearts we bring you a real unique gothic piece.

The Bittersweet cabinet is a medium sized bookshelf with an elaborate heart shaped appearance which gives it an unmistakable, somewhat darkromantic characteristic. If you ever wanted to decorate your room in the style of dark lovers or graceful vampires, this is your top choice.

With its 3 large compartments, it offers plenty of space to present your most beautiful pieces vividly and fits thanks to its elegant dimensions of each corner perfectly. Its handmade with sturdy birch plywood and its unique special is, that all of its outlines are curved, even the top. But not only is his shape a real eycatcher, but also the inner decors. The curly patterns were inspired by a design mixture of greek pillars and human veins adding a bit of grotesque horror charme.

Add a purple light behind, put some white flowers beside and an anthrazite carpet beneath and you will find yourself in a dark wonderland. This gothic furniture cabinet is made for every Queen of Hearts!




Next to the Mr. Skull bookshelf and the Mylord table, we wanted to make a bookshelf which was easy to send worldwide. But we didnt want to use the skull pattern again, beside we wanted to do something more for the girls. So we came up with the idea of using a heart shaped size. Luckily the design turned out to be workable, because heart or realy round shapes are always really hard to make.



The heart shaped size takes some more time to make, so this one is real unique eyecatcher. Its 3 shelf spaces hold up enough space for any goth book, candle skulls or blood bottles.

Its made of hard birch plywood and around 115cm (47") high and 55cm (22") wide and 35cm (15") deep.



Our furniture is made of high solid 15mm / 0,6" multiplex - birch plywood. No easy breaking pressboard! Its much healthier, more natural and offers a beautiful woodgrain.

We paint our pieces with water based colors and coats, giving them an intense and colorfull brightness. These are non-toxic for children and easy to repair.



For individual wishes we can also use different wood types (like beech, oak, ash etc.) or coatings like wax, oil, stain or a 2 component hard coat. A different color is for free. Please contact us for your wish or more info.


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