Gothic Cupboard - Nightfever

Gothic Cupboard - Nightfever

SKU: DW006

Handmade wardrobe or bookshelf in a whimsical gothic look. This awesome Beetlejuice inspired cabinet can be customized and shipped worldwide.


  • fully mounted high cabinet

  • usuable as wardrobe or bookshelf

  • big bat pattern

  • (likes long walks in the sunset)



You have bookshelfs for your books, tables for your dishes, sideboards for your collectibles, but you miss a wardrobe in your gothic room? With our large fantastic Nightfever cabinet you not only get an option for storing your beloved gothic dresses hanging, but also you can additionally put shelfs (included) into it for stowing your Beetlejuice suits and Sally skirts laying. In the bottom shelf behind the unconventionally curved door you can place your favorite goth shoes and vampire boots.

Or just use this Tim Burton inspired furniture wherever you want in your outstanding designed realm.

Put him the living room next to the Mylord table and the skull for storing your arts and materials, place him in the sleeping room right beside your victorian bed together with one of our fancy curved mirrors. Put him in the corridor to welcome anyone with a strikingly view and let him take seat on the Batbank next to him, or use him in the witch kitchen for storing your daily sandworm food. The possibilities of using this cabinet are very diverse. And if you are in need of ideas for decoration your room, just email us, we offer a wide range of support to make your own dark wonderland dream come true.




The nightfever has slept really long in our sketch books. In fact it was one of our first 5 concepts we did, back then when we didnt even had started making furniture. But at this time we found him to be too whimsical and decided to redesign him, leading this one become the "Absolom" piece from our Alice collection. It was just until we decided to start our Dark Wonderland collection, when this fellow finally had its time to shine (in the darkness...)




With its giant Bat pattern on the front-top, this wardrobe wil make a great eyecatcher in every room.

The Bat paatern is removable and comes unmounted (because of shipping package size). Its easy to mount it on its place and the screws for it are included.

The wardrobe itself will come in 2 different ways, depending of our country. Inside EU it comes in one piece. Outside EU we will send it in 2 parts, the upper one with the larger door and the smaller one below. But dont worry, they are already fully crafted and done, so you just need to put them on top of each other and with easily attach them with 4 screws.


Its made of hard birch plywood and around 180cm (70,8") high x 38cm (15") deep und 60cm (23,5") broad. The Bat is around 90cm (35,4") wide.

The upper part is 115cm (47") high and 55cm (22") wide and 40cm (16") deep. The part below is

65cm (26") high and 55cm (22") wide and 40cm (16") deep



Our furniture is made of high solid 15mm / 0,6" multiplex - birch plywood. No easy breaking pressboard! Its much healthier, more natural and offers a beautiful woodgrain.

We paint our pieces with water based colors and coats, giving them an intense and colorfull brightness. These are non-toxic for children and easy to repair.



For individual wishes we can also use different wood types (like beech, oak, ash etc.) or coatings like wax, oil, stain or a 2 component hard coat. A different color is for free. Please contact us for your wish or more info.


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