By buying an item from us you agree to the following shipping conditions.


We can ship all of our furniture within the EU and most of it worldwide.

Please see prices and destinations at each item site.

Some of our furniture comes in more than 1 package. By this way we can make sure to deliver most of our items worldwide.

All of our furniture comes fully mounted. Unpack it, place it, be happy :)




We ship our gothic furniture with DHL or a private shipping company.


If its not larger than 120 x 60 x 60cm, we ship in carton package via DHL

If its larger than 120 x 60 x 60cm, but smaller than 350cm package girth, we ship in wood freight crate via DHL.

If its package girth is more than 350cm, we ship in wood freight crate via private shipping company.


For DHL items we can give you a shipping ID

For PSC it differs. Some companys give an ID, some can only be tracked by calling them via phone and asking.


Please note that some countries which lie within the EU, but arnt close part of it (Norway for example) have different/worldwide conditions. Please ask us if you want to order from such a country.


When shipping via PSC its sometimes possible to make a custom delivering date for extra price. Please ask us for this option (However its sometimes also possible to just give the company a call and ask for custom date when its halfway to you)

Also please note, that the PSC is not obliged to deliver the item into your house. In germany all the have to do is to put it on the sidewalk next to your entrance.





We can ship most our gothic furniture with DHL worldwide.


We designed our items the way that many of them consist of more than 1 part (mostly 2 or 3 parts) and can easily be attached together with few screws. This way we can secure that lot of people worldwide have access to our beautiful furniture. Please see each item for shipping conditions.


If the item consists of parts which arnt larger than 120 x 60 x 60cm, we can ship worldwide.


Larger items can only be send via special conditions which are really really expensive. We are sorry. Please feel free to ask us if you want to order such a big piece, so we can make a custom shipping price.


All worldwide shipped items come in carton package with shipping ID.

Please note that we need a phone number or email for shipping worldwide.


The shipping time worldwide varies greatly. The average time currently (May 2019) is 2-4 weeks. However we experienced much faster (1 week to Chicago) and much longer (10 weeks to California) shipping times sometime. This is probably due to the customs or import controls.

Please note that we are not responsible for shipping time.




Each package part of furniture has an insurance of up to 500 Euro. Please tell us when ordering if you want an extra insurance.

As a side note: all of our furniture so far came up in excellent condition.

When you receive the package, as far as its possible to you, please open it when the postman is still next to you and check it for damage. This way its far more easier to use insurance.


Raxfox Design expressly assumes no liability for damages incurred as a result of improper transport or improper delivery of the goods between the delivery vehicle and the door of the buyer. Likewise, we assume no liability for damages which may occur due to a delay caused by the shipping partner.




Almost all of our items come with tracking number, so you can track the status.


Inside the EU you get an DHL tracking number which works fine with DHL system.


The tracking worldwide however is a bit different with german tracking system. When we ship the item we get a german DHL ID. This ID only works within germany. It doesnt work with internatioal DHL. When the item has arrived in your country the system generates an international ID, in the US for example, its for USPS. With this new ID you can then track it within your country. Please ask for help with this ID system. We are glad to help you.


Please note that some really small items (like TIM wall shelf) dont come with ID. This is due to "small package" option, which we choosed to get you the cheapest shipping price possible. But if you want, we can send them with ID for higher price. Please see each item and ask us.





Please inform yourself about additional fees in your country which you may have to pay when ordering / receiving the item.


Withing the EU: If you are a business owner with business VAT number, please mail us.


For Switzerland: Please mail us when ordering, cause you have to pay the VAT when receiving the item. Therefore we have to remove german VAT from the price, before paying us.

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